Robust Demand for Healthcare Professionals and Experts in a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry. According to Gebreyes et. al 2021, “In 2019, health care spending in the United States topped US$3.8 trillion dollars –nearly 18% of the gross domestic product (GDP) as projected by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) office of the Actuary”.
“Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the agency had projected health spending would continue to grow at a rate of 5.3% a year, reaching nearly US$6.2 trillion by 2028. If those increases were to continue unabated over the next 20 years, health spending could reach a staggering US$11.8 trillion by 2040”.


360CareX is rapidly growing to be the leading staffing firm in the industry.

Nurses are leaving bedsides in droves. Baby Boomers are retiring. There is a shortage of nurse educators, and a shortage in nursing student enrollment. Hospitals and home health facilities are understaffed and simply don’t know where to go to find great nurses. Our very families are at risk if we do not get hold of these things. However, there is an answer and if you’re a nurse/healthcare professional reading this, You., Your Nurse Network and You Passionate to Give it back….

We help our clients hire the best hands in their facilities. Our staffing list includes: Nurse Practitioners (NPs) Registered nurses (RNs), Licensed practical nurses (LPNs), Certified nursing assistants CNAs) and caregiver without any licensure. We hire per diem, full time, as needed (PRN), Contracts, Traveling nurses. 360CareX staff are committed to meeting the need and request of our clients. Our staff have unique expertise and experience to provide wide variety of cares in different clinical settings while delivering the highest quality of care. Every staff is carefully screened prior to being submitted for our client’s consideration. Employees go through extensive background checks which include Criminal, Adult & Child Abuse, Reference Checks, and Employment history. This ensures that our clients are receiving the best staff possible Health care industry rapidly.


Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) (Basic and Instrumental):

We provide assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). This includes Basic ADLS such as eating, bathing or showering, grooming, walking, dressing and undressing, toileting and transfers as well as Instrumental ADLs (skills needed to function withing the community and society) like housekeeping, financial management, shopping, preparation of meals, communication with the outside world and medication management.

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care:

This can be mild, moderate, or severe dementia. As this progresses, the caregiver responsibilities will increase as ADL skills decline. In the early stage of dementia most people remain independent with basic ADLs. Most will begin to need help with instrumental ADLs—especially complex tasks requiring multiple steps or extensive planning. Basic activities of daily living such as eating, dressing, and bathing are likely still independent.
At this stage, a person will naturally try to cover up confusion by turning to others for help with simple tasks. This is a natural response and denial, anger, and excuses are common defense mechanisms. There may be some loss of interest in hobbies and activities. Mood changes, such as depression and anxiety, can occur. Learning new tasks may be difficult and complex tasks may be left uncompleted.

360CareX professional staff assures that your loved ones are taking care off appropriately. This includes providing emotional support, safety from wandering, one on one care as needed, engage in playing games and puzzles together, establish routine activities, personalized care plan and more.

Cooking, housework, and shopping require direct assistance.

Basic ADLs require assistance for set-up and safety

Basic ADLs may be disrupted by behavioral and psychological symptoms such as anger, frustration, and denial.

Medication Management

As an experienced and qualified health care professional , one of the things I have learned is that as people age, they start having difficulties managing their medications due to memory issues. In addition. as we age, polypharmacy is inevitable due to multiple chronic diseases. One of the least thing one would want their loved ones to experience missed medications or medication overdose. One of our core services is to help store, review, manage, and set reminders for medications and aid with medication administrations in order to prevent any of these issues as well as answer any questions they might have.

Housekeeping and laundry:

If you want to help your elderly loved one stay in their home as long as possible, 360CareX can step in to provide essential senior care which includes vacuuming, dish washing, bathroom cleaning, dusting and sanitizing surfaces, organization of clothing and household items, taking out trash, changing bed linen, laundry etc. Our professional in-home staff can give you and your loved one a break (respite care) while they handle some of the house-cleaning duties.
A caregiver can visit daily, weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. We can be with your loved one for the entire day, during specified hours, or even offer 24-hour home care.
Professional companion care provides light housekeeping that includes:

Transportation Services:

We understand that it can be challenging for some of our seniors to drive as they age. Our expert staff is available to assist in transporting you and your loved ones to various appointments like shopping, running errands, worship services, fitness classes, medical appointments, dental appointments, volunteer meetings etc..

Meal Preparation:

Our qualified staff are well trained to help with grocery shopping, meal planning as well as cooking your favorite meals.

Respite Care

Our purpose to providing relief to a caregiver of a functionally impaired desiring to remain in the home and the primary caregiver is able to provide the care, but who needs occasional relief.


NADA (National Accupuncure and Detoxification Association). NADA is an ear accupuntaure treatment/ protocol for recovery from addition, mental healh disorder like anxiety, and depression, chronic pain, emotional trauma and more.

Benefits of NADA

DOT (Department of Transportation) physical examinanations and occupation physical examinatios.

At 360CareX, our qualified nurse practioner performs the DOT physical examinations for Commercial Motor Veheicle drivers. This helps meets the requirements established by the Federal Motor Carrier Saftefy Administartions for the bus and truck drivers to meet the demands of their job. This includes being able to endure the health risks presented by sitting for a prolong periods of time.

Our Nurse practitioner provides occupation physical health exam which prepares you to start your dream job according to the Occupation Health & Saftey Bureau (OSHA).

This is a check up of your overall health where the provider talks to you about your health, including completion of a hands on head to toe physical assessement by touching, checking, and palpating several part of your body system as well as verification of required immunization records and vital signs.