360CareX Executive

Bethel Ubochi

MSN, NP, RN,APRN, AGNP-C---Chief Executive Officer 360CareX LLC.

NP Ubochi is the CEO of 360CareX LLC. He has over 15 years’ experience in healthcare. He started his career as a nursing assistant in 2007 and proceeded as a registered nurse in 2010 to becoming a nurse practitioner in 2019. He has provided direct patient care, managed and supervised staff in providing care to patients as well as educated staff in order to provide quality patient care in varieties of clinical settings. NP Ubochi has worked in variety of settings as a healthcare professional including Memory care(Dementia/Alzheimer’s), Long term care, Hospice unit and Rehab units, Medical and Surgical unit, pain management and Operating unit , Mental health and Residential units as well as Community care services. He graduated with Associate degree in nursing from Fox Valley Technical College WI in 2010, BS in Nursing from Concordia University Wisconsin in 2012 and Masters in Nursing for his nurse practitioner from Concordia University Wisconsin in 2019. His wide variety of knowledge and experience in health care prepared him for his vision for the conception and birth of 360CareX LLC in 2020